Asset Finance

Arkios has been advising clients in the Financial Services sector for a number of years, however the financial crisis led to an increased focus in alternative methods of financing as the traditional bank sources dried up.

Combined with the life-long experience of John Blanchflower in the debt sector, Arkios identified asset-backed finance as a key tool to bridge the funding gap. As such, we have developed a speciality in two key areas, which allow us to offer solutions across the capital spectrum:

Bridge & York Capital Partners (B&Y)

The business was founded in 2009 by John Blanchflower in the depths of the banking crisis with the objective of bringing new forms of business funding to support all aspects of industry to fill the voids left by the banks and create opportunities for businesses to grow.

This has been delivered with many SMEs assisted by B&YCP having deals completed with “new money” funds as well as specialist UK funds and lenders. A number of funds are exclusive to B&Y in the UK and across specific market sectors and includes USA, Europe, Pacific Region and Middle East.

Asset classes funded over the last 5 years range from wind turbines and AD plants through WROVs, to social housing schemes and heavy industrial plant.

The Industry Finance Fund (IFF)

As a result of our work in the sector, in conjunction with Jason Capital Partners an experienced global asset manager, Arkios manages IFF, a Fund set up to lend directly to specialist leasing companies, and directly to SME borrowers.

All lending by the Fund is asset backed, and focuses on hard-assets such as plant and machinery.

The Fund was launched in March 2014, currently has £8m under management and targets a net investor return of 7-9%.